Home Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) mentioned that what Trump and Mike Flynn are doing is plotting a army coup.

Video of Chairman Schiff:

Schiff mentioned on MSNBC:

Effectively, to start with, I’ve to say, I shutter each time I see Michael Flynn to assume that that man was the top of the protection intelligence company. What he’s simply saying is completely regular, completely bizarre, executed 60-some odd occasions in historical past is a army coup. That’s what he’s speaking about. I’ve resisted utilizing the phrase “Coup” however he’s speaking a few army coup. That will have executed 60 occasions in historical past, however it’s been executed by dictators all over the world, not in the US.

Might the president do it? I don’t assume the folks across the president are going to go together with it. It could fail. However it will be such a — a further damaging blow to our democracy, the truth that they’re entertaining that is so past the pale. However, once more, this can be a man who has no ethical compass. He’ll do the size and breadth of what folks let him get away with. Sadly, he’s had all too many enablers in his personal administration and the Republicans in Congress and that’s what even breeds this sort of reckless discuss.

The reporting on the Friday assembly means that outdoors of the crackpots that Trump has surrounded himself with like Giuliani, Flynn, and Powell, his personal White Home advisers are against the concept, and so they have advised Trump that he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do what Flynn is suggesting.

It is troubling that so many Republicans are willing to get in line behind the destruction of democracy. Even when the coup wouldn’t achieve success, the truth that a president is partaking in such seditious conduct damages the nation’s democratic establishments.

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