Republican Senator Tim Scott brought on media heads to blow up when (in his response to President Joe Biden’s deal with to Congress) he declared “America will not be a racist nation.” Despite the fact that President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Home Majority Whip Jim Clyburn ended up agreeing with Scott, liberal correspondents and hosts decided it wasn’t a Republican’s place to say it. 

For that and his dismantling of the media’s take that the not too long ago handed Georgia election legislation was the brand new “Jim Crow,” the black Republican Senator from South Carolina was disgustingly described as a “token” “faucet dancer” who was being pulled by the “strings” to supply up “Republican pablum” and whom Harriet Tubman “would have left behind.”

Previous to Scott’s speech, The Washington Publish’s Glenn Kessler embarrassed himself with a lame “Reality Verify” aimed toward Scott’s inspiring household historical past. 

Hollywood elites additionally bought into the act. ABC’s The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Pleasure Behar lectured Scott about America’s historical past of racism and ABC’s late night time speak present host Jimmy Kimmel joked that Scott was out of contact. This was significantly audacious, on condition that Kimmel, Behar and Goldberg have been caught in blackface scandals. 

The next is only a sampling of essentially the most sickening assaults on Scott within the wake of his GOP response to Biden’s deal with to Congress:  


Tiffany Crosses the Line in Attacking “Token” “Faucet Dancer” Tim Scott 



Host Tiffany Cross: “This week, the only real black Republican within the Senate sounded a stone idiot when he stated this.”
[Clip of Senator Tim Scott: “Hear me clearly — America is not a racist country.”]
Cross: “Tim Scott doesn’t characterize any constituency apart from the small variety of sleepy, slow-witted victims of Stockholm syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this nation that makes conservative white individuals really feel comfy….A lesson I’ve discovered is: Don’t argue with individuals Harriet Tubman would have left behind. And, certain, Tim Scott has spoken out about his encounters with legislation enforcement….however there are two sides to each token, so thirsty for white approval, this dude truly stood on the nationwide stage to defend the voter suppression legislation in Georgia…The power to disgrace the ancestors and appease the oppressors multi function speech, that’s excessive….Maybe this was merely Tim Scott’s audition to be Sam Jackson’s understudy within the movie Django.”  
— MSNBC’s The Cross Connection, Might 1. 

Scott = Puppet 



Host Tiffany Cross: “I wish to play a clip from Senator Tim Scott and his utterly asinine remarks that he made on the voting legislation in Georgia….What do you make of these ridiculous feedback?”
MSNBC political analyst Fernand Amandi: “Effectively, you possibly can nearly see the strings being pulled behind Senator Scott as he’s articulating the very Orwellian speaking factors that he says the place black means white and up means down and left means proper.” 
— MSNBC’s The Cross Connection, Might 1. 


“Indefensible” to Say America is Not a Racist Nation



“Tim Scott even earlier than this final incident, he wrote a month or so in the past that quote, unquote ‘woke supremacy’ was worse than white supremacy or as dangerous as white supremacy. And it was an astounding factor to say….It’s indefensible to make these feedback within the context of what number of — I’ve misplaced monitor of what number of black individuals have been killed — unarmed black individuals have been killed this month in encounters with police. And so if he needed to have this debate about whether or not or not America is a racist nation, I imply, I disagree with him and Kamala Harris. Sure, it is a racist nation.” 
The New Yorker author Jelani Cobb on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, April 29.


Does Scott’s Fact-Telling “Complicate Efforts at Police Reform?”

Host Chuck Todd: “Amid anger over policing —”
Lawyer Ben Crump: “It was a kill shot to the again of the pinnacle.”
Todd: “Might this remark from Senator Tim Scott —”
Sen. Tim Scott: “America will not be a racist nation.”
Todd: “Complicate efforts at police reform?”
— NBC’s Meet the Press, Might 2.


“Shocked” and “Embarrassed” by Tim Scott’s “Republican Pablum” 



“I used to be stunned, to be sincere with you. This [Sen. Tim Scott’s response to President Joe Biden’s address to Congress ] was customary Republican pablum. This might have been delivered by Tom Cotton or Mike Lee. ‘America isn’t a racist nation. There’s no racism right here.’ I’m undecided what his function was. His viewers to me gave the impression to be conservative white Republicans who’re offended over sure issues, of cancel tradition and the identical type of cultural nods that we hear on Fox Information. And he was out right here to throw them a lifeline. It was disappointing….He got here out and lied in regards to the Georgia invoice saying ‘It’s simpler to vote in Georgia than in New York….I’m shocked and a bit embarrassed for him.” 
— Host Pleasure Reid on MSNBC’s reside protection of President Joe Biden’s deal with to Congress, April 28.


Tim Scott’s “Low-Lease” Poem 

Host Don Lemon: “I wish to get your tackle what we heard from Senator Tim Scott final night time about this nation not being racist.”
CNN’s United Shades of America host W. Kamau Bell: “No, don’t do it to me, Don! No!”
Lemon: “Why not? Hear. Let me let you know what he stated….He stated the unique sin isn’t the top of the story, it’s a story of redemption. What are your ideas on what he stated? I collect out of your response there. Go on.”
Bell: “I imply, it seems like a low-rent ee cummings poem. I don’t know what that was. This nation was constructed on racism. It was constructed on the genocide on the native Individuals and it was constructed on the transatlantic slave commerce for slaving African individuals….The nation all of us reside in proper now, all of us, in a roundabout way, are benefiting from that. Now, clearly, black people aren’t benefiting as a lot as white people are however we’re all sitting on indigenous land stolen that was from them and it was constructed by enslaved Africans. That’s the reality. And the truth that we had been enslaved and once we bought our freedom, our quote/unquote ‘freedom,’ we had been by no means restored entire.”
CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, April 29. 


“Uncle Tim” Scott

“Tim Scott will get referred to as Uncle Tom by progressives. However he’s an Uncle Tim.”
— April 28 tweet by former MSNBC host Toure.


The View Lectures Tim Scott 



Co-host Whoopi Goldberg: “Pleasure, what nation is Tim Scott residing in?”…
Co-host Pleasure Behar: “Tim Scott, he doesn’t appear to know — and a whole lot of them don’t appear to know the distinction between a racist nation and systemic — systemic racism. They don’t appear to get the distinction. Sure, perhaps it’s not a racist nation. Perhaps Individuals, the bulk, aren’t racist. However we reside in a rustic with systemic racism….The truth that Tim Scott can not acknowledge that is appalling.”…
Co-host Sunny Hostin: “I used to be very disenchanted in Tim Scott saying that — utilizing these buzz phrases like socialism. Saying issues such as you should not actually train white kids about racism as a result of it makes them really feel like oppressors, um that type of — this Republican ideology proper now. I used to be disenchanted that he stated America will not be a racist nation with out additionally speaking in regards to the systemic racism that’s plaguing this nation.”
— ABC’s The View, April 29. 


Out of Contact “Uncle Tim” Scott Refuses to Name Republicans Racist 



“After the speech an incredible factor occurred, each black Republican Senator bought collectively to let the American individuals know the Republican Occasion isn’t racist….After which Tim promptly returned to the sensory deprivation egg he calls house.”
— Host Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Stay, April 29. Kimmel didn’t inform his viewers that solely two of the 50 Democratic senators are black. 

“Uncle Tim misplaced me when he stated Biden was dividing us after he had sat quietly whereas Tang destroyed this nation for 4 years. #BoyBye.”
— April 29 tweet by actress Yvette Nicole Brown.


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